As an exclusive Gauteng wedding venue, we know just how incredible outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions can be. However, we also know that some extra planning is needed to make these weddings a real success, so here is our list of the most important elements of an outdoor wedding:

The Seasons

In Gauteng, September to November is a beautiful time of year to have an outdoor wedding. Spring is in the air, skies are blue and the weather is comfortably warm, making it an absolute pleasure to be outside without the scorning heat of summer. Thanks to our mild, sunny winter weather however, there are also lots of opportunities to have a very different outdoor wedding. With the dramatic veld landscape contrasting with the lush, green gardens, you’ll have no shortage of gorgeous settings and photo opportunities.

The Surroundings

From manicured, evergreen gardens to beautiful South African bushveld, there are plenty of options for a unique outdoor wedding. With the garden in full bloom in summer and the crisp light that’s unique to Gauteng winters, you’ll be able to create an atmosphere that perfectly reflects you as a couple.

The Bride’s Dress

An outdoor wedding provides the unique opportunity for the bride’s dress to be truly unique – whether as a barefoot bride in a boho chic dress, a stunning summer knee-length dress or a soft, flowing gown.

Save money

Outdoor weddings are very popular for couples on a strict budget or are paying for the ceremony themselves. That’s because outdoor options can le a lot les expensive – and with the stunning natural surroundings, you don’t need to worry about flowers and décor!

Tent Wedding

There is no need to fear an unexpected downpour of rain when you hire a marquee tent. This is also an excellent opportunity to create an elegant setting, along with a catered dinner, creating a beautiful indoor-outdoor wedding.

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