Tired of looking at countless function venues and thinking that none of them fit your personality? It’s time you considered an outdoor wedding venue! There are so many advantages to an outdoor wedding – there’s always enough room for all your friends and family and the surrounding natural beauty is sure to save you money in the flowers and décor department.

But is this the right choice for you? One of the primary problems that most couples deal with in planning an outdoor wedding is the weather. However, most places will have a second option that they can make available should the weather be a problem on the day – from a dramatic Bedouin tent to various buildings and chapels on the grounds.

Having an outdoor wedding gives you more freedom to really have the exact wedding you want, as you aren’t restricted by the style and décor of a building. A wedding in a garden can be very formal or very relaxed and casual – it’s all up to you!

Then there‘s always your budget to consider. When you have a garden wedding, the naturally beautiful surroundings create less a need for excessive, costly flowers. No florist can compare with the beauty of a stunningly manicured garden or the beautiful wilderness of the veld. This beautiful natural option will also give your photographer the ideal backdrop for capturing your special day.

If your tastes in wedding dresses also runs towards less elaborate looks, you’ll fit right in with an elegant outdoor wedding that shows off the simple, flowing lines of your gown!

If you think that an outdoor wedding venue is the perfect fit for your new start in life, contact Idle Winds today.