Here’s what you need from your wedding accommodation

Here’s what you need from your wedding accommodation


It’s quite rare for wedding guests (not to mention the bridal couple) to drive back home from the wedding venue after the ceremony and celebrations. Most venues offer overnight accommodation so that guests can stay for a night or two. With all the drinking and driving laws, it’s a good idea to encourage guests to book a room for the night (another benefit is that you can arrange a brunch for your guests for the following morning before everyone goes their separate ways and you head off to your honeymoon!).

When you book your wedding accommodation, there are a few things you can expect from the hotel, guesthouse or lodge:

Special effort for the bridal suite

The bridal suite is where you and your man will spend your first night as husband and wife – it needs to be perfect! You can expect a spacious room with enough cupboard space for all your things. Many wedding venues will go the extra mile and get the room ready while you’re busy having the night of your life. A few things that can often be expected in the bridal suite include roses, champagne, chocolates, fluffy robes and a congratulations note from the venue. If you want to make sure these items are included in the room, however, it’s in your best interest to call and ask beforehand (or get one of your bridesmaids to call and ask for you).

Accommodation for your guests

You need to make sure your wedding venue has enough accommodation for wedding guests who will be staying for a night or two. The accommodation should include beds, bathroom facilities, towels and linen as well as a heating and cooling system (if you’re getting married during a particularly hot or cool time of year).

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