The Golden Rules for Planning a Great Year-End Function

Your office year-end function is one of the most important events on your calendar, as it’s all about rewarding your hard-working employees for achieving another successful business year. Here are some essential rules to follow to ensure that it’s a success, from our year-end function venue near Pretoria.

Rule Number One – Get management buy-in on your objective, theme, and – most importantly, your budget. Decide what kind of year-end event it will be – will there be speeches? Awards? Team-building activities? A band? Or a more relaxed cocktail party atmosphere? This will help determine what type of venue and service providers you will need.

Rule Number Two – Start planning early. You should have a good idea of your theme and entertainment options by August, so that you are ready to start booking as soon as possible. 

Rule Number Three – Seating arrangements. If you are hosting a large event with a sit-down menu, planning who sits with whom is essential to making sure there’s a relaxed atmosphere and great conversation.

Rule Number Four – Keep your budget updated. While major costs are easier to allocate, there are always smaller costs involved that – if not tracked correctly – can quickly add up and put you over the line.

Rule Number Five – Communicate with your team and the venue’s event planning team. It’s key to have clear lines of communication here to ensure that the right services are in place for your event. Check with your venue to see what services they can provide, and if they have recommended service providers to assist you. It’s essential that these services are booked as soon as possible after your venue is booked.

Put us on your Team for an Exceptional End-of-Year Function! 

At Idle Winds, we offer our clients a wide range of function venues and services to ensure that their year-end events are a success! With a dedicated team, experienced staff and a beautiful scenic location just 14kms from Fourways, we’re the ideal venue for corporate functions. In addition to our function venues, we also offer clients the use of comfortable on-site accommodation and our award-winning restaurant.

For more information about our year-end function venue near Pretoria or how our team can assist you with this important occasion, please contact us today.