A Guide to finding a Wedding Venue in Gauteng

Are you planning on getting married but you’re not quite sure which wedding venue in Gauteng to pick? You don’t need to worry when you have this guide!

There are a wide variety of great places to host a wedding in Gauteng. Let’s take a look at just a few of the choices that are available. Idle Winds is a very peaceful, quiet country estate. Their beautiful gardens and sprawling lawns offer a very romantic setting for your wedding.

Does planning your wedding overwhelm you a bit? If so, Idle Winds would be a great choice for you, as their team of wedding professionals will be more than happy to do all of the planning for you! This way, you can just relax and enjoy your special day. They also offer a wide variety of menu selections and catering options and have an acclaimed restaurant on-site, which is sure to please both you and your guests.

When picking a wedding venue, you will need to figure out how many guests will be coming to your event. If you’re still waiting to hear back from them, assuming that half to three-quarters of those invited will actually come is generally a safe guideline to follow. Once you have a number of guests in mind, that will help you determine whether you need a really large space in order to accommodate all of your guests or if a smaller, more intimate setting would be just right.

Another thing to consider is whether or not you want your wedding and reception to each have separate venues. If so, you’ll want to be sure that both venues are just a close drive away from each other in order to make things easier for both you and your guests.

A great idea for when you’re visiting different wedding venues in Gauteng is to be sure to bring along a digital camera as well as a notebook and pen. This way, you can take pictures of each place and compare them later on when you get back home. The notebook and pen will allow you to jot down various aspects that you liked and/or disliked about each venue.

Lastly, book your wedding venue in Gauteng early so that you don’t miss out on your perfect date. Visit Idle Winds online or contact us today for more information.