A comprehensive wedding planning checklist from a top venue near Fourways

Your partner has asked the Big Question and you said yes! Now it is time to start looking for the ideal wedding venue near Fourways and planning your wedding!

Efficient wedding planning requires developing a wedding checklist that covers at least 12 to 18 months prior to the wedding and it should contain everything from your budget, venue details and photographer to your minister/official and flowers, all set on a detailed timeline.

12 – 18 Month Wedding Planning Checklist

  • After your proposal, you should start thinking about the type of wedding you want in terms of location, style or theme.
  • Find out how much money you will have to work with and plan your budget.
  • Find a wedding venue and decide on an appropriate date and time for the wedding. Book the wedding venue.
  • Begin compiling your guest list.

6 – 12 Months prior to the wedding

  • If you are not planning to coordinate the wedding yourself, now is the time to find a wedding coordinator and reserve him or her.
  • Select a wedding photographer, videographer, and florist and reserve them.
  • Select musicians (whether it is live music or a DJ) and reserve them.
  • Discuss the food menu and décor with the venue’s coordinator. If the venue doesn’t have a coordinator, you should select a caterer and decorator.
  • Decide on the wedding colours and discuss it with the florist, caterer and decorator if the venue’s coordinator is not taking care of these tasks.
  • Order or purchase your wedding dress.
  • Order or purchase your bridesmaid dress/dresses.
  • Arrange with both mothers what they will be wearing.
  • Decide who’s going to be your Master of Ceremonies.
  • Make a music selection for the DJ or live musicians.
  • Decide on a design for your wedding invitations and order or make the invitations.
  • Finalise your guest list.
  • Register your bridal registry at selected stores.
  • Get a passport or visa if it is required for your honeymoon.

4 – 6 Months prior to the wedding

  • Reserve any rental equipment such as décor, audio equipment etc. required for the wedding.
  • Plan the ceremony and reception and discuss it with the venue coordinator or the hired wedding coordinator.
  • Arrange a wedding cake, if you are planning to have one.
  • Make or order wedding favours or thank you gifts.
  • Mail the wedding invitations to out-of-town guests. Deliver local invitations personally.

1 – 2 Months prior to the wedding

  • Finalise arrangements with the florist, wedding coordinator or venue coordinator.
  • Finalise instructions with the photographer and decide on a time and location for the photos to be taken.
  • Finalise instructions with the videographer.
  • Book a hair stylist and decide on you and your bridesmaids’ hairstyles and hair colours for the wedding day.
  • Find a make up artist and go for a trial. Book a make up artist well in advance and be sure to include your bridesmaids.
  • Finalise dress fittings for you and your bridesmaids.
  • Consult a lawyer to discuss a wedding contract.
  • Select programmes for the wedding ceremony and have them printed.
  • Finalise honeymoon arrangements.

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