Wedding flower ideas for your venue near Fourways

Choosing the flowers for your wedding venue near Fourways is one of the most important decisions to make when planning your wedding. Even when you have pinned down a theme, it can be quite difficult to choose wedding flowers if you don’t have too much knowledge of flowers in general – that’s why we have compiled a list of wedding flower ideas that will make this important choice that much easier for you!

Seasonal flowers

Whether you decide to use fresh flowers or silk flowers, try to choose wedding flowers of the season you’ll be getting married in. It will create a harmonious feel to your wedding and, if you’re going with fresh flowers, you’ll save a lot of money on your budget.

Summer wedding flowers

If your wedding is in the summer, choose wedding flowers in vivid colours, for example:

  • Lavender in shades of blue, purple and pink tied with gauzy purple ribbon.
  • Deep pink or red gerberas tied with pink or red ribbon.
  • Miniature sunflowers tied with wheatgrass and fatsia leaves.

Autumn wedding flowers

Colours like bronze, terracotta, burgundy and burnt orange symbolise the ripeness and fullness of this season.

For a daytime wedding pick:

  • Miniature gladioli in peach and bronze colours.
  • Asiatic lilies. Remember to snip the stamens to prevent pollen from staining clothes.

For an evening wedding pick:

  • Orange calla lilies with bear grass and hosta leaves.
  • Shiny red Hypericum berries bunched with plenty of green leaves.

Winter wedding flowers

Flowers with texture and fragrance work wonderfully for winter weddings, including:

  • Mixed pink and white camellias.
  • Winter jasmine.
  • Green and white Christmas roses with ivy woven through the bridal bouquet.

Spring wedding flowers

Spring is the ideal time of the year to choose pretty flowers that reminds you of love, romance, hope and new beginnings, including:

  • Lily of the Valley tied with light green and white ribbon.
  • Pale golden, delicate daffodils.
  • Blue wedding flowers like nigella look excellent against an ivory colour dress.
  • Irises tied with beaded ribbon.

More top tips for wedding flowers:

  • If your wedding is in the daytime, choose softer looking colours and keep the dramatic blooms for a late afternoon or evening wedding.
  • If your hair is blonde, you will look good with pink, purple or blue wedding flowers. Brunettes look best with red, orange and bronze wedding flowers whereas redheads suit vibrant, rich greens.
  • If you are dark-skinned, soft coloured wedding flowers like whites and pastels really look beautiful. If you are light-skinned, brighter colourful flowers will stand out well.

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