Top five things that brides forget when booking a wedding venue in Gauteng

When booking a wedding venue in Gauteng, it is often possible (and completely understandable!) to get a little overwhelmed. Brides (and grooms!) tend to forget some of the most important things when considering a venue, as they start to get involved in all the tiny details of their big day walking down the aisle.

The Top 5 things Brides Forget:

1. Including everyone:  When booking wedding venues, brides tend to forget to ensure that the chapel and reception will not only accommodate all the guests invited, but that each guest will have a view of the couple in the front of the church and reception hall.

2. Colour: Often, brides forget to consider the style and colour of the buildings of the wedding venue when creating the colour scheme and theme of their wedding.

3. Weather: Brides often forget to make sure that the wedding venue can accommodate them if there are changes in the weather in order to ensure that guests remain comfortable.

4. Facilities: Brides can forget that a wedding venue must have great facilities where all the guests to be able to adjust their outfits or makeup.

5. Safe storage place: One of the most important things forgotten when arriving at the wedding venue are the rings! It is important to ensure the venue has a safe place to put these precious items until the time for them to be used arrives.

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