Modern wedding invitation ideas from an exclusive wedding venue near Fourways

According to our exclusive wedding venue near Fourways, many of today’s fresh, modern wedding invitation ideas are inspired by nature and are actually bringing back some retro flare.

Of course, modern couples can also go wild with their imaginations, since today’s wedding invitations are all about being creative.

Bold tribal prints, sleek designs and location specific ideas all work for the sophisticated and stylish couple while, for the nature lovers, wedding invitations can include plenty of rustic charm and celebrations of the great outdoors. From recycled paper to leaves and twigs, a nature loving couple can bring a touch of the outdoors to her wedding invitations.

There are some wedding invitation ideas that never go out of style.  Matching your invitation to the season is always a hit. Using snowflakes for winter weddings or bright fall leaves for an autumn wedding is a perfect option for the couple that wants something classic.

If creativity is your thing, then forget old paper invitations. Creative couples of today have many different ways to make their invitations stand out. Some couples have used candles printed with the wedding details or even intricate origami style invitations.

Many couples are trying to save up for their new life together, so the head off to a home computer and whip up some beautiful wedding invitations at a fraction of the cost.

Modern wedding invitations can be almost anything that the couple desires – it’s all about finding your style and going with it. If you’d like to book a wedding venue near Fourways that suits your style, contact Idle Winds today!