How to plan a murder mystery dinner party at a function venue in Gauteng

As a function venue in Gauteng, we know that you often want to plan a party for your friends but feel uninspired and bored with the same old dinner parties or barbeques. Why not put the fun back into wining and dining by arranging a murder mystery dinner party for your friends and family? It’s an easy way to bring groups of strangers or acquaintances together with little stress and less awkwardness. By simply purchasing a murder mystery game kit, you can easily entertain everyone, from your neighbours and colleagues to family and friends.

Planning a murder mystery dinner party

  • Draw up your guest list. These games are appropriate for kids, teenagers and adults alike, but keep in mind who your guests are when you are planning your game – keep it light and mysterious for younger kids but feel free to get more creative with adult groups.
  • Go find your murder mystery game kit and choose one that is suitable for the number of guests, their ages and interests.
  • Find the venue for your murder mystery dinner party. These games are fine hosted at home, but hiring a function venue in Gauteng will really add another level of excitement, mystery and adventure!
  • Plan the menu for your mystery dinner party. Many game kits already include menu suggestions but you can also plan your own menu by ordering from the venue’s caterers or making the food yourself.
  • If alcohol will be served at your dinner party, appoint a designated driver for your guests’ safety or prepare overnight accommodation for your guests.
  • Mail your invitations at least two to three weeks prior to the date of the party. Include the menu, costume ideas, character sheets and directions, address and a telephone number of the venue or your telephone number if you are hosting it at home. Add the RSVP date and the relevant contact person to avoid any mishaps or unexpected surprises.
  • Purchase all the supplies a week before the party. And don’t forget to purchase your own costume!
  • Double-check your venue and the arrangements three to four days before the party and finalise the payment.
  • Prepare the guests’ background information, character sheet and any other necessities that they might require.

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