Planning your own event? Tips from a function venue in Gauteng

As an experienced function venue in Gauteng, we know that lot of organisation goes into any event – whether it’s a Christmas party, a birthday or an anniversary celebration.

Hiring an event planner is not an option for everyone – as they can be pretty expensive and most people love to get involved in the planning of their event themselves, even if it is a little stressful. If you’re lucky, your venue will have friendly, helpful staff members who will assist you with all your planning!

Event planning tips for a stress-free function!

  • Save the date: Decide on a mutually convenient date for the event that works well for you as well as for most of your guests. All the time and resources invested in planning an event will be wasted if no one can attend!
  • Get those RSVPs: Send out the invitations well in advance before your guests make other plans for the day. Request that they RSVP at their soonest convenience so that you can make adequate catering arrangements.
  • Work systematically: Make task lists and tick things off as you go along. Make a list of everything that needs doing before and on the big day – this way you won’t overlook or ignore anything important.
  • Remember your guests: As the host of the event, your guests’ comfort and entertainment should be your primary concern. These needs can range from offering adequate catering and event facilities to some great music and entertainment. Make sure the venue provides a fun and light atmosphere.
  • Make room for the unexpected: Expect surprises. Even with the best event venue and meticulous planning, things may still not go according to script. In these circumstances, all you can do is take things as they come and handle the situation as best possible.

There is no fool proof guide to follow for hosting a successful event, but by planning ahead, considering your guests’ needs and choosing a suitable event venue, you are already on the right path to throwing an unforgettable party!

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