Idle Winds wedding venue in Hartbeespoortdam discusses wedding traditions in South Africa

As a wedding venue in Hartbeespoortdam, we are privileged to see a huge variety of couples get married and start their lives together.

Often, bridal couples want to incorporate some traditions into their ceremony and the most popular one that we have experienced is the lighting of a unity candle. This ceremony follows the procession into the church and the opening prayer. To symbolise the beginning of the bride and groom’s new life together, their parents carry fire from their fireplaces to the home of the newlyweds. They then start a new fire to symbolize the union and birth of a new family.

Considering South Africa is a rainbow nation and that there are more than 1, 000 cultures, one can expect a melting pot of different traditions at almost every ceremony – making for a very culturally rich and diverse start to marriage!

Wedding Trivia

  • Statistics state that in the year 2000, the average ages of a bride and groom were 24 and 28 respectfully.
  • The average length of engagement has risen by five months, from 11 months to 16 months, since 1990.
  • Maximillian started the tradition of giving a spouse to be an engagement ring. This happened when he gave Mary of Burgundy an engagement present that was a diamond ring.
  • Only 20% of brides prefer to plan and have a wedding that is not considered to be formal.

How Idle Winds can help you

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