Choosing a conference venue in Gauteng – six steps to success

Choosing a conference venue in Gauteng for your company is as important as a couple finding the perfect venue for their wedding reception. It must be exactly what is needed because the location, the surroundings, the ambiance and the overall experience will either spoil or enhance the entire event.

Follow these six steps and find the perfect venue for your conference:

  • Suitability. The conference venue must be exactly what you need – never try to force a round peg into a square hole. If the price is extraordinarily reasonable but the rooms for the conference are too small, the location is remote and hard to get to and there is no restaurant nearby, it isn’t worth it. Make a list of what you need and stick to it to ensure that all your needs are fulfilled.
  • Location. When buying a house, they say the three most important elements are location, location, location. The same is true for a conference. The location needs to be pleasant with possibly a tourist draw in the same city and easily accessible by road, rail or air.
  • Appearance and cleanliness. This can be hard to tell from websites or brochures, so reading reviews or getting recommendations would be best. The buildings should be clean and well maintained. Bathrooms should be sparkling with no chipped or broken tiles, sinks or mirrors and the plumbing should be top notch, with plenty of hot water, no leaks and both showers and tubs available (if there is accommodation). The same conditions apply to kitchen areas and pool areas that will be used for recreation.
  • Size. The conference venue must be the proper size you need. If you have 1,500 people attending and their largest conference room will only hold 1,200, don’t count on people not showing up. Your event could end up being cramped and uncomfortable.
  • Facilities. Other than the conference areas, what does the venue offer?  Are there beauty and massage parlours? Is there a restaurant on premises? A bar for socializing post-meetings? The more extras that come with the venue that fit with all your other needs, the more it will rise to the top of your list.
  • Cost. The venue must fit within the budget confines and have a clear legal contract. The way they offer discounts, how they expect payment and their cancellation policies are all very important.

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