If you are organising an important conference, you won’t want to settle for anything less than the best conference venue in Gauteng. Looking for conference venues can be hard work. You have to find venues and conference packages, either online or through recommendations – and then you have to go out and inspect the venues to make sure that the venue you select meets all your requirements.

However, you can take out a lot of the legwork by focusing on venues that meet certain criteria, making your search a lot easier. Some of the things to look for in a conference venue include ambience, facilities, sufficient space and the necessary equipment for presentations.

Qualities that make a great conference venue:

  • Ambience. If you want to organise a high quality conference that is enjoyed by all your guests, you need to pick a venue that has the right mood. Ideally, your venue should have a selection of meeting rooms and dining areas that are both formal and informal in nature. This will help set the tone for your conference and also ensure that your guests enjoy themselves.
  • Facilities. Make sure you pick a venue that has the necessary facilities for your conference. This not only includes meeting rooms and dining areas, but also enough bathroom facilities, accommodation and parking.
  • Sufficient space. Before you decide on a venue, make sure that it has sufficient space for your guests. A good venue will be able to accommodate all your guests without making them feel cramped.
  • Audio-visual equipment. A good conference venue should have the necessary equipment for presentations. This includes projectors, large screens, boards and speakers as well as a good Internet connection.
  • Peaceful. Make sure you choose a venue that offers a respite from the city. If you are hosting a full day conference, or a conference that runs over a number of days, take the opportunity to offer your guests a break from the city. It goes without saying that a good conference venue should offer peace and quiet so that attendees can get the most benefit from the conference.

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