The benefits of choosing a countryside wedding venue in Gauteng this winter

The benefits of choosing a countryside wedding venue in Gauteng this winter

Gone are the days when the most popular wedding venues in Gauteng were the ones in the middle of the bustling city. Today, more and more brides are booking their wedding days at country venues. Here’s why:

Perfect wedding pictures

Wedding photos in front of a nice chapel or at a nice park are good, but wedding pictures in a beautiful  and enchanting country-set garden are even better. When you book your big day at a wedding venue in the country, you will have a picturesque backdrop that will give you timeless wedding photos.

Great getaway weekends

Your wedding day goes by so quickly, often leaving you feeling like you should’ve spent more time with your cousins, varsity friends and family members from out-of-town. When you book a wedding venue in the countryside of Gauteng, you can encourage your guests to make a ‘weekend getaway’ out of the event. That way, you can spend time with them before all the formalities and wedding celebrations.

Proximity to the city

If you book a wedding venue near Gauteng – in Hartbeespoort or Muldersdrift, for instance – your guests can still drive back after the wedding. Many of these venues are a mere 45 minutes’ drive from Pretoria and Johannesburg, making it ideal for people who need to get back home the same night or the next morning. Just be sure to book a venue that offers enough accommodation, should your guests decide to stay the night.

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