What your exclusive wedding venue in Gauteng will have on offer

Everyone has their own idea of their perfect wedding day. Your wedding venue in Gauteng is a vital part of realising this vision, so it’s important that they are doing everything they can to cater for your special day.

Here are just some essential elements:

  • Ceremony options. This is very important for a few reasons; firstly, because you don’t want to be limited to just one space and be forced to compromise your vision. Secondly, because you want a ceremony space that is the right size for your guests, and thirdly, because (should anything go wrong, like the weather) you’ll need the perfect back-up plan.
  • Reception options. Exclusive venues should be able to offer you a wide range of reception options, from pitching a marquee in a scenic spot or dining in a large, glamorous indoor venue to having a cosy, intimate space.
  • Accommodation. Although accommodation isn’t a must-have for many people, it’s a great option to be able to choose. Having quality accommodation at your venue means that the bride can get ready there on the day and that guests and the bridal party have the option of staying over rather than driving late at night. It also lifts the burden of having to organise transport, which can add significant expenses to your budget.
  • Dining options. Your wedding venue should be able to offer you a range of dining options to accommodate your budget and vision for your special day. This includes buffet options and served options for each mealtime of the day (as well as high tea). All the food should be freshly prepared, cater to different tastes and dietary requirements and have been prepared by a team of experienced chefs and cooks.

More importantly than any of this, your venue should have staff members that are experienced, helpful and happy to assist you in having the wedding of your dreams! For more information about what our wedding venue in Gauteng can offer you, contact Idle Winds today.