Congratulations on your engagement! Picking a wedding venue is always on the top of every newly engaged couple’s list, but here are just a few things you both need to consider before you put down any deposits:

  • Financial stability – The first thing to do is develop a proper budget for your wedding. Get different quotes from different service providers and stick to the ones you feel financially comfortable with. Don’t overspend unnecessarily or on the spur of the moment; rather open a wedding fund and save up for your special day.
  • Date – Pick a day that is special day to both of you at a time of the year that suits you both. Keep in mind that there are often specials in the off-season, so think outside the box!
  • Early start – Start planning early for your wedding but keep in mind that most couples spend a year being engaged before they get married. This time is perfect for discussing options, visiting expos and researching great ideas!
  • Organisation – Staying organised is the best way to keep your stress levels down – and you’ll be surprised at how much there is to do! A great idea is to keep a wedding journal and for every task you would like to complete, make it a habit that you complete it a week ahead – avoiding any possible disappointments.
  • Invitations- Whether you choose to hand-make your invitations or organise professional printers, make sure that it says something about you as a couple and your special day.
  • Negotiate – Weddings are big business, so don’t forget about your negotiation skills! Many service providers are happy to work with your budget and build a customised set of services for your special day, so talk to them about your vision.
  • Compromise – Planning a wedding can be pretty stressful, especially when one partner has a very definite idea of what they want. Being sensitive to your partner’s feelings is the best way to build a happy future!
  • Recap- As the wedding draws closer, make sure that you call everybody who has a task and keep abreast with their progress.
  • Enjoy – On your wedding day, all your hard work will pay off and you’ll both be on your way to a happy future, so sit back, take a breath and enjoy it all!

Idle Winds has on-site wedding planners that can help you manage all the elements that need to come together in order to make a perfect day. Visit our wedding venue website or contact us today.