As an established Gauteng wedding venue, we know how important it is to really make your wedding vows your own. However, it can be a little intimidating to try and work out what to include in your vows – especially when you’re saying them in front of all your friends and family! That’s why we’ve put together our most inspiring advice for you:

Think back to the day when you first saw or met your future partner

The key to writing personalised wedding vows is to really think about how each of you felt. Go back in time and relive the start of your relationship – the time when you first fell in love. Love has the ability to turn even the worst writer into the best poet!

  • Think about all the things that you love about your partner. It can be your partner’s eyes, their attitude to life, a smile or even just interesting or funny little habits they have!
  • Think about your partner’s good qualities – how have they changed your life for the better?
  • Think about the adventures you’ve had as well as the ones that you’re going to have together

Where to find ideas for wedding poems?

  • Surf the Internet for websites that provide ideas for incorporating poems that connect with your wedding. Read through suggestions and look for a poem that reminds you of your partner or of how he/she makes you feel.
  • Find out if your partner has a special poet or poem that he or she loves – if it’s appropriate, including it will make a very meaningful statement!

Now that you’re on the way to writing some incredible wedding vows, you need the perfect setting for your declarations! Contact Idle Winds today – our beautiful and serene country style Gauteng wedding venue is the perfect place to start your future!