When you are looking for a conference centre in Gauteng for your company’s next conference, seminar or product launch, you need to find somewhere that can provide a variety of facilities for everything from seating space and AV equipment, to dining and accommodation.

Here is what your ideal conference centre should be able to provide you:

  • Variety of conference packages. Because of the wide range of business related events that you may want to hold, you need a venue that can provide you with different conference packages to suit your particular needs. This can range from the size of the room that you will use and the amount of parking you will require, to the equipment you will need.
  • Equipment. For a business occasion, you will need the use of particular equipment in order for it to be a success. Often, conference centres can provide you with the space you need, but leave the equipment hiring up to you. It’s best to go with a well-known venue that includes standard equipment in their conference packages, saving you hassle and money.
  • Tranquil surroundings with great transport links to the city. When you are holding a conference, you want your people to be relaxed and focussed on what you and other speakers have to say. Tranquil surroundings eliminate the distractions of a busy city venue, and with good transport links, it will prove to be convenient for all your attendees.
  • Accommodation. If your conference or seminar is going to be held over a few days, a venue with accommodation is perfect. This will allow the speakers and attendees to mix outside of your event and ensure that out-of-town attendees have no trouble navigating through the city each day.
  • Quality dining. If you would like to include a lunch or dinner to go along with your business event, you will need a venue that can provide top quality dining for all of your attendees in a relaxing, tranquil setting.

At Idle Winds, with 6 modern conference rooms that all come with standard equipment, top quality accommodation and dining, we can supply all of your business event needs – and we’re only 30 minutes from Johannesburg and Pretoria! Contact us today, and book the best conference centre in Gauteng.