Wedding planning tips from a top wedding venue near Fourways

As a popular wedding venue near Fourways, we know all the insider tricks that make a wedding a memorable, happy and affordable occasion. We’d like to share with the vital wedding planning tips that only come from experience:

  • The wedding venue: When searching for a wedding venue, stay realistic and practical. Because you want every little detail to be perfect, couples tends to go a little overboard, especially with regards to the venue hire and other related costs. Remember that a successful wedding venue consists of a variety of elements – flowers, draping, chairs, vases, candles and even your own wedding gown – that all come together, so don’t spend all your decorating budget on securing only one element of your ceremony or reception.
  • Photography and video photography: Yes, photos are important – but having a professionally filmed DVD is so much more valuable and you really do get your money’s worth. A DVD shows people’s character and personality much more realistically than a photo. It also captures your entire wedding day – emotions between loved ones, the chemistry between you and your partner, and people can even leave you a personal message. That’s why we suggest that you select a smaller photography and rather invest in a DVD.
  • Plan well in advance: If you are working full time, whether at the office or at home, try to plan and organise as much as possible the first three months after your engagement. The last two months before the wedding get very emotional and stressful – especially between you and your partner. Important decisions, especially those that involve different personalities and expectations, need to be made. Don’t leave these decisions to be made at close to your wedding date; it will cause unnecessary and unwanted disagreements between you and your partner right before your special day.
  • Work in leave before the wedding: If at all possible, book a week’s leave before the wedding. If you are worrying about deadlines the day before your wedding, you won’t be able to relax and enjoy yourself. Book all your pampering sessions a couple of days or a week before the wedding to make them all the more stress relieving and enjoyable.
  • Choose the people who will surround you as you prepare for your wedding wisely: Remember that the day of your wedding is filled with tension as well as excitement. When selecting the people for your bridal and wedding party, choose them wisely! If your mother or a friend has a tendency to always highlight the negative instead of the positive, don’t ask them to join you. You’ll end up a nervous wreck when walking down the aisle.

If you’re looking for a special wedding venue near Fourways that suits your vision and your budget, contact Idle Winds today!