Everything you need to know about wedding invitations – insights from a Gauteng wedding venue

Choosing the right invitation can be quite a lengthy process as you and your partner need to first choose a Gauteng wedding venue, a wedding theme/style, the colours you prefer and so on – and that’s before you even think about the phrasing of the invitation!

So, what is a wedding invitation all about?

A wedding invitation is more than just a nice looking card – it needs to portray the style of the wedding, the details of the ceremony and reception, directions and even the dress code for your event. They also reflect you as a couple, so they can be informal and fun or more traditional and elegant.

Below is a basic checklist that will help you to create a more formal invitation that follows the right etiquette:

  • Write the invitation from the perspective of the individuals who are paying for the wedding, usually the parents of the bride and groom
  • Write down a general reason why you are inviting your guests, for example, to witness you and your partner’s marriage ceremony
  • Include the names of the bridal couple in full
  • Write the date of the ceremony without abbreviating the day or month
  • Include the location of the ceremony along with the time that your guest should arrive

Informal wedding invitations don’t follow any particular etiquette but still need to include all the important details about the ceremony and reception. These invitations can take a more fun, personal approach to the wedding by involving some great extras. One couple I know sent their informal invitations as a pretty box of seeds, so that – if they were planted – they would flower in their guests’ gardens on their wedding day and will be a permanent reminder of the event.

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