Top wedding cake ideas from a wedding venue in Hartbeespoortdam!

A wedding is one of the most important events in a couple’s life, and at Idle Winds – a wedding venue near Hartbeespoortdam – there have been some unforgettable events and some incredible cakes. Here’s some insight into our experiences:

The design of the wedding cake usually depends upon the vision of the couple: some couples prefer a traditional cake while others prefer a wedding cake that stands out as something truly unique and unusual. Whatever their vision, there are unlimited possibilities for a wedding cake design!

One of the hottest trends right now in wedding cakes designs are cupcakes. These are a great idea because they allow you to have a variety of cake flavours and styles while keeping the costs low. They are a beautiful alternative to traditional wedding cakes because they can be displayed in lavish styles and on beautifully decorated stands.

Another hot trend in wedding cake designs are individual mini cakes. Their popularity lies in their individualism, as they allow couples to really put their own stamp on their event with different flavours, styles and decorations. Although this is a great alternative to one large cake, individual mini wedding cakes can be more expensive if each cake is intricately designed.

The croquembouche is another trend that many couples are selecting as the centrepiece of their wedding. It is a traditional French wedding desert that is made from pastry buns filled with cream. The croquembouche is arranged in the shape of a cone and then bound with caramel in an elegant and festive design that is sure to dazzle the guests attending the special day.

For couples that want a traditional wedding cake, there are still plenty of ways to get creative. Traditional wedding cakes can be round or square and can include multiple layers as well as flavours. A couple can choose whatever colour and design that best reflects their wedding day vision and style it as elegantly or as whacky as they’d prefer.

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