Advice from a Gauteng wedding venue: Turn your budget wedding into a day you will never forget

As a wedding venue in Gauteng, we know that most women have an idea of their perfect wedding – but unfortunately, the fulfilment of this fantasy can set you back by at least R70, 000!

And since it makes very little sense to start your new life submerged in debt, you may want to consider looking for budget wedding ideas. If you are willing to compromise just a little and be innovative, there is no reason why you cannot have a wedding to remember on a budget.

Here are some budget wedding ideas that can help you to plan a wedding that will be remembered forever but won’t break the bank:

The Gown: Let’s start with the dress, which can easily cost anything from R10, 000 to R40, 000 depending on the designer, pattern, shop and so on. But, if you are willing to wear a second hand gown, you can get a stunning ensemble for about R5, 000 or less! A great place to look for second hand gowns is on Gumtree. Alternatively you could ask your mother or grandmother to let you have their gown, which can then be modified to suit your taste.

The Decorations: You don’t have to spend a huge amount on décor when you decide to get creative! Look for DIY projects online and look at local shops for items that won’t cost a lot but can be dressed up as amazing centrepieces. Making stylish flag bunting out of scrap material is a great way to add colour and festivity to a venue at a very low cost. Instead of fresh flowers, go for silk flowers that look as pretty as the real thing. If you really want to use fresh flowers, go for blooms that are in season to keep costs low.

The Venue: If you choose an outdoor venue, you can sae a lot on flowers and décor as the surroundings will speak for themselves. Try to choose a venue that is pretty to begin with and doesn’t need lots of draping and extras, giving you immediate savings on décor! Also, most venues have midweek and Sunday discounts, so you may want to consider getting married then. If you or your family has a fairly big garden, a few additions and embellishments can easily turn it into the perfect wedding venue.

The Cake and the food: Think colourful cupcakes rather than the five tier wedding cake that can easily cost a few thousand rands. Remember you and your partner will be the centre of attention, not the wedding cake. If you want to go for the three-tiered look, simply arrange colourful cupcakes on a suitable, pretty tiered tray (which can be hired from a cake company or baking shop).

For the food, choose chicken dishes for the main course, vegetable trays for hors d’oeuvres and don’t serve alcohol. You could go for light and stylish cocktail foods (reducing the need for a sit down meal) or even buffet style meals with a pasta bar, garlic bread and the other trimmings.

The Flowers: Try to replace the individual flower arrangements on each table with candles and small crystals that add ambience and glamour. For a romantic look for a home wedding, plant lots of flowers just in time to be in full bloom for your wedding.

Rings: You don’t have to go platinum – it’s not the metal but the commitment that matters. Titanium looks as classy as platinum but can cost less than half the amount. If you would like to buy gold rings, going from 18 to 14 carat can make a significant difference to the amount of money you will have to spend.

As you can see, with a little imagination, you can host a classy affair without running your bank account dry! Contact Idle Winds today and find out more about our beautiful Gauteng wedding venue!