Tips for Choosing a Team Building Venue in Gauteng

If you are striving to build a more cohesive business team, consider an event at a team building venue where you can host a fun day out or overnight event. The most successful business owners know that a solid crew of team members can make all the difference when it comes to company and department achievements. So how do you plan a successful team building event?

Team Building Venue Basics

If you want your event to get the right results, here’s what you need to do:

  • Define Your Purpose. What are the goals of the event? For example, do you want to to boost staff morale, present an incentivising opportunity or improve communication?
  • Location. The location of the team building venue should be convenient to all participants. If it is too far for some team members, it may become a problem. Determine how far the team is willing to travel to participate in the team building event and then choose an appropriate location. If you’d like to host an overnight event, make sure that the venue itself has enough comfortable accommodation and restaurant facilities.
  • Activities. A successful event will depend on the kinds of team-building activities that you choose for the team to participate in. There are usually a wide variety of activities to choose from, including outdoor adventures to non-physical activities like an indoor team challenges and team building games. If you are looking for some assistance with team building exercises, inquire with the team building venue to see what services they offer. Ask if the venue has a trained facilitator or individual on staff that can lead the activities.
  • Duration. An established team building venue can offer some great suggestions for your day depending on the decided duration of your corporate event. Depending on your team and location, an event can range from a few hours to a weekend or more. The best way to determine the duration of your event is to do a poll with your team and determine what will work for them.

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