Some great ideas for activities at your teambuilding venue in Gauteng

Events hosted by professional teambuilding venues in Gauteng are an essential activity for any organisation. These events and activities are an important mechanism that serves to re-energise the staff members in an organisation and create new working relationships that are likely to drive growth in the company.

The important thing to remember about your event is that it’s meant to encourage bonding among your staff. In order to assert this, an introductory activity known as an icebreaker should take place before the events. Each person will stand up and speaks briefly about him or herself and others may be surprised to learn something new about someone they have worked with for months or even years.

After the icebreaker is over, the next set of activities should focus on interaction between members. These activities should be difficult to accomplish as an individual but easy for a team to achieve, for example, building bridges, running orientation courses and participating in fun obstacle courses.

The ‘Scavenger Hunt’ is another worthwhile teambuilding activity, as it promotes a sense of togetherness and excitement among team members. Get members from different organisational departments to form a team and ask them to complete different tasks. Mix things up by getting them to take photos at different locations or while participating in different fun activities. In this event, members of different departments will get to know each other as they interact during the entire course.

Don’t rule out the value of classes demonstrates by a professional as a good teambuilding idea. For example, members of a team may opt for a class in something they’ve never tried before, such as karate or Greek cooking. Doing these activities together helps to break down perceived barriers that may have come between employees in the workplace.

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