Team building venues and activities on a budget

Corporate events can be expensive – everything from booking a team building venue to arranging transport, accommodation, activities and food costs money. Here’s what you can do to make sure you keep your costs down.

Follow these tips if you are planning a team building event on a budget:

  • Activities don’t have to be expensive. If you’re planning a team building day on a budget, focus on the activities first and the decorations last. Presentation is important, but your team members will remember the challenges, activities and level of fun – not the decorations and prizes.
  • Make it exciting. Team building doesn’t have to be about booking the best motivational speaker or eating a five-course meal. Some of the best team building activities involve setting up a station-to-station rotational event. This works even better if you’re able to do this outdoors.
  • Budget catering. You don’t need to eat in a restaurant. If you partner with the right team building venue or event organisers, you can get a variety of affordable catering options and even set up an outdoor picnic that consists of hot dogs, hamburgers and watermelon.
  • Don’t travel far. Team building events aren’t always as effective when they’re held on-site. If you’re looking to keep transport costs down, rather choose a venue that isn’t too far from your company. You could also ask employees to car-pool instead of hiring a bus.
  • Choose the right venue. Some of the best team building venues offer affordable, all-inclusive packages where they will take care of fun activities, food and everything else that is needed for a productive and fun day out.

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