Find out more about outdoor weddings from an exclusive wedding venue in Gauteng!

A wedding venue in Gauteng for your special day does not always have to suit the status quo. Having your wedding outdoors will make your experience more intimate, personal and romantic. Being outdoors creates a sense of serenity and of being back in touch with nature as the couple start their new life together. An outdoor wedding’s pros far surpass the cons of a few extra arrangements!

Planning a successful outdoor wedding

It is a bit trickier to plan an outdoor wedding, as there will be more factors for you to consider. The most obvious factor is the weather. Try and get a forecast as soon as possible and aim for a dryer month of the year that is still nice and warm – March for instance. Having a bit of an overcast day is not the end of the world – in fact, it makes for the most dramatic and beautiful photographs – but no one wants to sit outside even during the slightest of drizzles! A good idea would be to book a tent, or an indoor option as back up for the day.

Other important things to organise include seating, a small stage (if applicable), sound system, wedding arch and refreshments. Outdoor weddings are usually at midday or mid-afternoon, so consider a spot that is partially shady or make sure there are some umbrellas available so that your guests don’t get baked by the sun during the ceremony. Just by taking these simple elements into consideration, you should have a breath-taking experience!

Outdoor wedding venues in Johannesburg

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