Mistakes to avoid when choosing conference venues in Gauteng

There are many factors to consider when choosing conference venues in Gauteng in order to ensure that the location for your event meets your needs. If you do not establish your requirements first, you may end up with a venue that does not meet your prerequisites – and this will affect the outcome of your goals for hosting the conference.

Before you shop around for the best conference venue, make a list of your requirements first so that you will have this information on hand when you speak with the conference venue coordinator. Some of these requirements include size, location, technical needs, food requirements, planned activities and guest accommodation (if applicable).

Key Factors for Renting a Conference Venue

Organizing a conference is a big undertaking that requires months of pre-planning in order to pull the event together. Here are mistakes to avoid when you are looking for a conference venue for your event.

  • Book In Advance. If you do not give yourself enough leeway with your dates, you may find that your choice in venues is limited. Many conference centres are booked months in advance or even up to a year ahead of time. If you neglect to reserve your space well in advance, you may find your choices are limited and have trouble finding the perfect conference venue for your event.
  • Underestimating Conference Room Size.  Don’t try to cut costs by renting a conference room that has less space then you need. An undersized room will be uncomfortable for your guests. Likewise, if you are hosting other organisations and their related displays, the room will look and feel cramped and claustrophobic.
  • Location. Consider the location of the venue in relation to the guests that will be attending your event. Although you may reduce your costs by renting a facility that is out of the way, a remote location may deter visitors. Choose a venue that is within an acceptable commuting distance for all parties involved.

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