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How to be a Team Player – Tips from a teambuilding centre near Fourways

Team players, according to a teambuilding centre near Fourways, are usually the people that are known for sacrifice, sharing and hard work. Does this sound like a reputation you’d like to have?

Many people strive to be a team player in the workplace, but it takes more than just having a desire – it takes hard work. Being a team player often involves doing the right thing and not always having your own personal goals and desires coming first.

These are the key principals to being a team player:

Being a team player means that you have to look at the team you are on and define the team goals. Often these goals will differ from your own personal goals. Be sure to keep the team’s goals first on your list of priorities.

Once you identify the team goals, think about the best way you can contribute to the team and achieve those goals.

Recognising strengths in your team

Identify your personal strengths and work on your weaknesses in order to provide the team with useful abilities. If you are great with numbers, try to work on all aspects of the project that deals with mathematics. By establishing your strengths in the beginning, you put yourself in a better position to excel at a task for the team in the end.

Always try to help out others in need within your team. It might happen that team members are so engulfed in their own assignments that they fail to realise that others are struggling. If you have the attitude that you will only do what you’re being paid to do, then you limit the contributions you can make towards team goals.

The old cliché that teams are only as strong as their weakest member holds true in today’s work environment. By defining goals, recognising strengths, and helping others, you will give your team a better opportunity to succeed.

What about team building activities?

Have you considered taking your team out for a day of team building activities? Idle Winds can help you and your team to pull together, build on your strengths and become true team players. Contact us today for more information on our teambuilding centre near Fourways.


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