Looking for a gorgeous country wedding venue in Gauteng can be very stressful. Every couple has a specific vision of how they want their wedding to look and matching that up with what is available can be very frustrating. Before you settle on a venue that may not be able to deliver your dream wedding, ask them these four questions before you put down your deposit:

  • Is your preferred date available? Wedding venues have popular high season periods, usually in spring, autumn and summer. If you’ve always wanted your wedding during one of these high season periods, be sure to start looking well in advance as these dates book up fast. When you find a venue you like, make sure that the dates you would prefer are available, or you could be disappointed.
  • Does the venue hire fee change for different days of the week? Some venues offer special rates for weekdays, Sundays and other off-peak periods. You could make your dream wedding at your perfect venue fit you budget just by having it on an off-peak day. Just be sure that all your guests can make it!
  • Will there be any other weddings/events at the venue on the same day? Some venues are large enough that they can comfortably cater to more than one event on your wedding day. Have a look at the venue to see if you will have the privacy you would require – you wouldn’t want a loud, boisterous 21st birthday happening a few feet away from where you will exchange vows!
  • What is included in the hire fee? Each venue will have a different things included in their hire fee, and for your budget purposes you need to be sure of exactly what the venue will provide and what you will have to supply yourself. Things that can be included range from AV equipment, tables and chairs, to decor. If the venue does include decor options, be sure to have a look at them to see if they will fit in with your decor scheme.

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