Finding the right team building venue in Gauteng can be tricky because in order to ensure that everyone has a productive and enjoyable experience, the accommodation, facilities and the appeal of the venue must be considered.

The Importance of a good learning environment

Team building has proven to be a great way to establish and maintain good working relationships between co-workers, sports team members, school learners and even family members. It helps to establish co-operation between teammates, allowing individuals to develop the skills needed to function productively together, get them thinking as a unit and establish strong leadership qualities.

Considerations when choosing a venue:

  • Teamwork development: When choosing a team building venue, it is important to see if the facilities on offer will help to establish your goals. For example, are there a variety of activities on offer that will increase communication, build friendships, encourage leadership and develop their skills? Does the venue have team building packages available?
  • Accessibility and comfort: When considering a
team building venue, you need to take into account the location of the venue as well as the facilities available for you to use. Will there be meals and refreshments provided? Is there a restaurant where you can all go to relax and celebrate your team building efforts? If your activities are taking place over a weekend, does the venue have accommodation for everyone?

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