Tips on hosting the perfect year-end function at a venue in Gauteng!

The year is drawing to a close – and that means it’s time to gather at a year-end function venue in Gauteng to celebrate, be festive, look back on the years’ achievements and memories and embrace the new things to come. Below are a couple of guidelines that will assist you in hosting the best year-end party or function ever!

  • Formulate a plan: Any successful function and party starts off with a good, well thought out plan. It makes the organising of a year-end function even easier if the plan includes a time line at which each activity needs to be organised.
  • Where and When: Once you have chosen the venue for the year-end function and have confirmed a date, you can start planning activities, themes and awards. Make sure that you’ll have sufficient time to get ready.
  • Theme: It’s Christmas, so the theme is relatively easy! But try and spice up the usual Christmas theme by incorporating interesting games. You can even ask each of the guests to bring a surprise small gift with them for a pre-arranged Secret Santa event!
  • The guest list: Make sure that everyone in your office, department or company is invited, then decide if spouses and partners are welcome. Keep track of who RSVPs so that you get an accurate headcount.
  • Interesting Invites: Whether your invitation is on paper or via e-mail, make sure that it is creative and interesting! For bigger functions, the invitations should be sent out at least six to eight weeks before the function.
  • Catering & Alcohol: The food needs to be tasty, substantial and available throughout the evening. Make sure that if your guests have particular dietary needs that they are included in the catering options. Always provide a balance of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

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