Christmas party ideas from a year-end function venue near Fourways

As a year-end function venue near Fourways, one of our favourite times of year is the Christmas party period! Christmas is a time to enjoy seeing friends and family and celebrate the spirit of festivity through creative parties and functions, presents, baking, sending cards over e-mail and by post – not to mention big lunches!

Here are a couple of Christmas function ideas that will definitely get you motivated and energised for your annual function for the office or friends and family:

  • Who said a Christmas function needs to be plagued with Father Christmases, stockings, streamers and themed décor? Why not host an elaborate, cocktail affair themed “Cheese and Wine for those who love Christmas”? It’s the perfect way to start off the holiday! Mark out a Friday night in the beginning of December before everyone leaves for the holidays. Have everyone bring a bottle or two of wine, you supply a delicious variety of cheeses, light some candles, play background music and prepare a variety of festive cocktails for the evening. You don’t even have to invite a lot of people – make it intimate by inviting just three or four close couples or use this idea for a small to medium sized company’s year-end function.
  • Arrange a Christmas themed outfit party where each guest will dress up like a festive character – anything from the elves and Father Christmas to a snowman or reindeer!
  • Decide on an amount that will comfortably suit everyone’s budget and let everyone buy a gift of that value and use it as an entrance pass. Put all the gifts on a gift table and have everyone pick out a gift for themselves. Not only does it take the pressure off Christmas shopping but it saves everyone a lot of money as well. This way, everyone will get something without you having to buy gifts for everyone!
  • Another great idea is Christmas karaoke. It is an excellent icebreaker for any type function and is always incredibly fun! Select a couple of guests to represent judges who will be responsible for nominating a winner, second and third runner up. The host is responsible to buy three prize gifts for the winners.

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