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7 techniques to motivate your team members recommended by teambuilding centres near Fourways

Motivating your employees can involve external or internal techniques, both of which are applied by teambuilding centres near Fourways. External motivation relates to the working environment itself, while internal motivation relates the interests, aptitudes and dreams of your team members. Here you shall find seven critical motivational techniques to get the best out of your team:

1- Reward and Punishment

This is the most popular technique being used by managers as it mobilises motivational energies in the team players. The reward can be in the form of special promotions, salary increases or words while fear of punishment also plays an important role. Teambuilding venues don’t recommend this technique, as excessive use of this tool may create jealousy amongst your team and disturb the working environment, making it counterproductive.

2- Setting of Goals

The setting of well-defined goals has been proven to help your team members to do their best. By setting meaningful and justified deadlines to get the project finished within time, you need to work at two levels: first, set your objective, and second, divide that objective into goals and sub-goals.

3- Advisory Techniques

No one is perfect and, being a team leader, you must always be ready to offer advice when your team members face a stumbling block in their performance. Encourage them to improve their weaknesses and continue with techniques that give them positive support.

4- Praise and Criticism

This motivational technique is similar to ‘reward and punishment’ technique. A word of praise or criticism will have definite results upon your team. However, like rewards and punishments, this technique should also be used carefully.

5- Success and Failure

To motivate your team members, you should analyse their successes and failures openly and without criticism in your office, brainstorming for more effective procedures and ideas.

6- Competition

This is the strongest motivational technique to get the best out of your team members. You can use this technique very effectively when combined with setting of efficient goals. Competitive circumstances will help your team members to perform their best.

7- Interests of Team Members

Do you know what interests your team? Find out their interests and entrust them with tasks that they love to do. It will increase both their efficiency and the speed of the project on the other. Random allocation of tasks may not be as helpful.

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