101 guide to planning an event at conference venues in Gauteng

There are basic steps anyone can follow to hosting a successful conference, such as booking the right conference venue in Gauteng and providing adequate catering for the attendees. In fact, the success of the day will largely depend on the conference facilities you ultimately choose.

You will need to focus your conference planning arrangements on the conference goers and their needs. If you are expecting a large number of people to attend the conference, then you have to provide proper restroom facilities, catering and activities during break times. You may also have to arrange accommodation if it is an overnight event.

Basics of planning a conference

Follow these basics to plan a successful conference:

  • Consult on the date: When penning the date of the conference, there are various aspects and parties that you need to keep in mind. The date that works for you may not work for all the attendees or the venue, so be flexible and talk to them as early as possible.
  • The right venue and setting: This is second in importance only to the date that you choose. If you decide to book a conference venue close to town with a lot of external accommodation options, then it will not be necessary to settle on a venue that offers accommodation. However, if you choose a more remote conference location or to have an overnight event, you should choose a conference venue that also offers accommodation.
  • Necessary technology / equipment: If you intend on using multimedia presentations and need special equipment for the conference, book a conference venue that offers special multimedia equipment as part of the package. Find out if these facilities will be included in the cost of the venue booking.

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