4 corporate teambuilding tips and strategies

Teambuilding is the corporate world’s best-known business secret! The benefits of having a team that is focussed, motivated and goal-orientated are clear – but how can you ensure that your day of team-based activities is really bringing out their best? Here are some tips from Idle Winds, a leading teambuilding venue near Pretoria:

  1. Leadership is vital: A great team needs a great leader, so it’s just as important to work on your leadership skills as it is for your department to work on their interpersonal skills. By working on your strengths and weaknesses and learning how to enhance your leadership, you’ll bring out the best in your employees.
  2. Get to know each other: Although the focus of teambuilding is on achieving work-related goals, it’s important to balance this with getting to know each other in a more casual setting. Understanding who your employees are both inside and outside of work will help you learn how to give them the environment and motivation they need to realise their potential.
  3. Engagement is more important than competition: Often, teambuilding degenerates into pure competition, where groups and individuals get wrapped up in achieving their goals at any cost. This is directly opposed to the real point of teambuilding, which is to bring each person into the team and utilise their particular strengths in an effective way. Rather, encourage each person’s individual engagement in the activity, creating a sense of positivity and cooperation rather than becoming pitted against one another.
  4. Get out of the office: Your office space symbolises only one thing – work. In order to help employees relax and properly engage with a teambuilding activity, choose to go to an off-site venue. They will have professionally organised and managed activities and packages that not only encourage a better response from your employees but also show teambuilding in a positive and rewarding light.

Professional, affordable teambuilding at our venue near Pretoria

Just 14kms from Fourways, Idle Winds is ideally situated for businesses in Sandton, Johannesburg and Pretoria looking for an exceptional day out. With diverse catering options and conference venues available, you can easily combine your teambuilding event with an informative talk and a relaxing dining experience.

If you would like to make your team building event a weekend-long visit, we can also easily accommodate you on-site in our comfortable accommodation consisting of 58 well-appointed double and twin-sized rooms.

If you have a specific activity you would like to include in your event, our staff will be more than happy to accommodate your needs. For more information about our team building venue and packages, please contact us today.

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